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  • Hardcopy printed Board Plans include full-scale keel and frames, nose and tail templates, board outline, and a few construction detail notes. These frames and keel are the inside shape of the board, accounting for a 6mm (1/4") plank thickness to be added back to the board and include notches, lightening holes, finbox locations and more.

    The 1:1 printed board contour plan can be used as a template for cutting the board deck & bottom plates out of 6mm thick (glued) wood sheets (not included).

    Also a fully illustrated also manual and guide is inluded that covers the high points of the building process including dimensions to mill your planks and rails and an outline of the construction method. 



    • Shipping costs will be calculated at checkout.

      Plans are usually dispatched within 6 to 9 working days.

    • Please consider carefully whether you can manage to build your own wooden surfboard with no help other than your own building experience, creativity, our printed plans and manual.

      For those who haven’t built a board like this before, we recommend starting with our complete DIY Board Build kit or by joining us for a workshop.

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