• Do you remember? The feeling after your first real wave. Surfing really gives you a kick.

    Imagine surfing your next wave on a wooden board you made yourself....


    The DIY Wood Surfboard Kit contains all necessary parts to build your own board at home:

    - Plywood Frame Sets with precision lasercut rib sections and keel

    - Set of Paulownia fine milled Planks for building deck & bottom plates

    - Set of Paulownia Bead & Cove Strips to cover the rails

    - Fin, Leash & Gore-Tex Vent Plugs

    - 3M Marine Sealant Glue for planking & Titebond III Glue for rails strips

    - Complete DIY Board Build Manual with illustrated instructions


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      DIY Kits are made to order and usually dispatched within 9 to 15 business days.

    • This DIY method for building your hollow wood surfboard is a combination of constructing a model airplane and building a canoe. There are many different ways and styles to building hollow surfboards. The process outlined in this DIY kit and the manual included ensures the surfboard skin is uniformly thick around the entire board thereby maximizing balance and responsiveness when surf riding.


      The surfboard is built around a framework similar to an airplane’s wing, containing a central backbone structure (keel) and supporting structures (ribs) along the length of the keel. This framework is then skinned with lightweight paulownia wood in a simple but tedious process. The finished product is then shaped, sanded, and sealed in with fiberglass cloth and epoxy resin. Materials for sealing and glassing the board are not included in this kits.

      Please add a SINUM glassing kit from our DIY store if you want to glass the board yourself.


      Wooden boards tend to weigh a little more more than their foam counterparts. The weight drastically differs with the choice of wood , fiberglass cloth, and accent pieces. For our DIY Board Build Kits, we choose for poplar plywood for the inner frame and paulownia wood for the skin of the board. This will ensure the lightest possible result. These woods have many beneficial properties for hollow surfboard building. Milling, sawing, turning, bending, clamping, and shaving paulownia wood reduces the amount of time spent fixing splinters, cracks, and defects that occur in harder woods due to the dense wood fiber growth. 


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