The WING longboard

Oh the Wing. I love my Wing. Always there for me no matter what the sea has to offer.

She is just a joy to ride. She planes, she pumps, she points. I’ve had more epiphanies

on this board than any other. She’s really enhanced my life.

9′ 1/2″ 22 3/4″ 3 "  /  Volume: 65.26 liters (183.9 beers)


  • Make your own Wing longboard in one of our WORKSHOPS: € 1450

  • CUSTOM WING WOOD - Paulownia / Red Western Cedar, Glass Fibre, Entropy bio-epoxy: €1650-1950

  • CUSTOM WING FLAX - Recycled EPS foam, Flax Fibre, Entropy bio-epoxy: €1250


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Oostende - Belgium

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